Your Honor, We Think You Should Let Us Have a Community Garden

Tonight was the recreation board meeting.  We found tons of great information about how to start a community garden on the American Community Garden Association website that we used for the presentation.

The recreation board is made up of volunteers from the community who maintain all the "pocket parks" in the area.  Each person is assigned a park and if something breaks at your park or your park is looking particularly crappy, you are responsible for reporting the problem and making sure that it gets fixed. I love that!

Our presentation went well.  Everyone was extremely supportive and it turns out that there used to be a community garden in this area back in the 70's.  That was great news to hear because it means that this community has proven that it will support a community garden.  When the old garden was closed, it had over 260 plots which was over 100 plots more than when it first started.

After we discussed the idea and potential locations for the garden, we were asked to find more helpers and come back to the next meeting on the first Tuesday in July.

Thank you recreation board! We will be back!