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We had our second ever meeting last night, and although we had about half the number of people come as we did at our first meeting there was tons of energy and good ideas passed around. We met in what is currently our most preferred garden location. It was nice to be in the space. I'm sure its the most use the park has seen in, um, forever? hehe. Here are some pictures of the park (located on the northwest corner of the Harlem Ave. / I-290 interchange). But, don't get too excited quite yet. The land isn't "ours", and as we move forward in the process, not having a piece of land to use runs the risk of hindering progress toward that very goal. Gina and I realized pretty early on that there was going to be a question about which should come first: raising the money to build the garden or securing a piece of land to use. How do we ask for money if we don't know the details of the space we will be using such as soil conditions and availability of water and a fence