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Our First Meeting

I think its safe to say that our first meeting at the Brown Cow last week was a roaring success! Considering the fact that two weeks ago, this whole project basically consisted of Gina, me, and our idea, it was really amazing to have 20, former total strangers but soon to be gardening friends, people show up just because they saw our flyer or read our announcement on the FP Forum website. You guys brought a lot of enthusiasm and great ideas! For the benefit of those who weren't able to make it, I wanted to re-cap what we talked about at the meeting. Here is an informal version of minutes from the meeting: Gina and Jessica introduce themselves and Gina gives a power point presentation (click to download the PPT- warning, its a big 20MB file). The presentation covered the following: What is a community garden and why are they awesome? A piece of underused or vacant land transformed into a flower, herb, and/or vegetable garden shared by the community. Community gardens allow re