Help Us Pick A Name!

A new feature of our garden this year is a circular-shaped garden area located outside the fenced area in the southern end of the park. The idea is, this garden will be planted and tended by FPCG volunteers. Once the crops are ready, anyone in the community (gardeners, neighbors, passers-by) will be invited to pick from the garden at their own leisure. Anything that's not harvested when it is ripe, will be given to the Forest Park Food Pantry. We'll have signs labeling each crop and provide info on how to harvest and prepare the crops. We'll have one big sign in the middle that says "Welcome to the _____ garden! Please help yourself! " or something to that effect.

But first, we need to come up with a NAME for this garden space, and that's what we need YOUR help with! We'd like the garden's name to reflect the purpose of the garden (to offer free veggies to anyone who wants them) and/or the appearance of the garden (it looks kind of like a daisy flower).

So put on your thinking caps and leave your name ideas in the comments below. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Thanks for reading.