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Plant Seeds Now For Fall Harvest

What to Plant Even though the summer is more than half-way over, it’s still not too late to plant many of your favorite vegetables and herbs. The key is to know what to plant and when to plant it. This guide can help! The trick is you have to choose crops that have shorter (fewer than 70 days) maturing times. Don’t try planting watermelon seeds in August. They take 100+ days to produce fruit. They’ll never make it before the frost comes and kills them. Crops that can be planted in late summer include: Beets Cabbage Kale Radishes Turnips Broccoli Raab Carrots Kohlrabi Spinach Turnip Greens Bus Beans Leaf Lettuce Peas Swiss Chard How to Know When to Plant   In order to figure out when the plant your fall crop seeds, you’ll need to know:   the “days to maturity” of your seeds- This number means how many days until your crops will be ready to harvest and is almost always listed on the seed packet the average first fro