Spring 2012: Ready, Set, GO!

Hello FPCG friends! Look! We got a new beautiful official-looking Forest Park Community Garden sign! This is one of many additions you'll notice this spring also including:
  • message board where we'll post info about the garden and upcoming events
  • new bench swing which will be placed outside the garden fence so that everyone can enjoy it (the swing should arrive any day now).
  • compost bin where we can dispose of our garden waste (no weeds please!) and produce our own rich compost
  • new sign for the Giving Garden which will explain how it works and invite people to harvest
  • New volunteer and education opportunities
... just to name a few.

In other news, mother nature has given us a bit of a surprise with such warn delightful weather so early in the season. Plants in the Chicago region are getting a major head start this year, and you'll notice that many bulbs and flowering trees are showing their colorful displays two weeks to a full month early this year. Here's what's popping down at the community garden:

Asparagus- We planted these roots last spring and its good to see that some of them survived. We didn't harvest any of the asparagus this year, because we want to allow the plant to continue to grow strong roots. Next year we should be able to take our first harvest.

Tulips and Hyacinths next to the fence along Harlem Ave. One day we hope to have spring bulbs along the entire length of the fence, wouldn't that look great?

Some of the perennial herbs have returned. Here is some sage we started from seed last spring.

...and parsley from last year as well.

The vibernum are looking and smelling great!

Finally, we made our first donation to the food pantry this week. This is a huge pile of turnip greens that we started last year. Turnip greens are a biennial and therefore come back the second year to flower and go to seed. Unlike some green leafy veggies, turnip greens ARE edible even after they produce flower heads. Many argue they taste even BETTER after they go to flower. We took approximately 30 pounds of turnip greens to the food pantry along with some parsley and sage.