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Free Tomato Plants May 15th

"Love apple" is an old-fashioned common name for a tomato. Weird, huh? Over the years, the Forest Park Community Garden has been the beneficiary of a lot of love. From volunteers, businesses, elected officials, and garden members. When Gina and Jessica started the community garden a few years ago it was a labor of love. It still is today, but thanks to people like you it doesn't feel so much like work. So, in an effort to spread some love around Forest Park, the community garden has grown just over 200 tomato seedlings, and we're giving them away for FREE. Yes, a free tomato plant. What's the catch? There isn't one really, just stop by the Forest Park Community Garden from 1-4PM on May 15th 2016 to claim your very own naturally raised tomato seedling. You don't need to be a community garden member to get a free seedling. Everyone is welcomed to stop by and get a free tomato plant while supplies last.  Check us out in Twitter , Instagram & Faceboo