You can make a tax-deductible donation to FPCG any time by using our Paypal link below.  All funds will help us pay for the upkeep of our garden location as well as fund our other educational and outreach programs. Thank you so much for your support! 

Wish List
Below is a list of items we need for our garden.  If you have something new or used that you'd like to donate, let us know!

  • free standing shelving units (help us keep our shed organized)
  • plastic storage boxes (any size)
  • pitch fork
  • sprinklers, spray hoses, or soaker hoses (help us keep our new prairie garden well watered while the baby plants get established)
  • dry erase and/or cork board (we'll hang it in the shed and use it as a way to communicate with one another)

Sponsorship Opportunities
If your business would like to become a sponsor of FPCG., please contact us at